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 VeriFone asked Soulcake to help out with a design for a scanner/credit card reader peripheral that would fit a Lenovo tablet,  a large Dell tablet and an 8 inch Dell tablet.   We proposed several solutions for the Lenovo tablet and a "module" system for the Dell tablets.  This solution contained the reader/scanner in a module that can be adapted for the large and small Dell tablets.
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 VeriFone narrowed the selection down to solutions for the large Dell tablet and the 8 inch tablet.  These solutions took more consideration towards a more refined form. The illustrations show how each product would be used.
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   VeriFone pursued the direction for the 8 inch tablet. After the latest feedback,  the design had to be modified to accommodate a larger card reader resulting in a noticeable bump.
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   We thought of solutions to better integrate the bump into the design.  We proposed hiding the bump under rubber bumpers and incorporating the bump into an asymmetrical design.
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   The designed was further refined to become more symmetrical and expose the Dell logo.  This design direction also incorporates two straps for more secure handling.  We also looked at how the stylus can be incorporated into the strap or within the peripheral.
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   The final CAD model was created by design lead David Morelock. There were minimal changes between final sketch and CAD.  The original wire prop stand idea was eliminated in favor for a rubber foot. The retaining latch has increased in size for more security.
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