Hello! I’m Sachin Mistry. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art, putting efforts into both transportation and industrial design. Since graduation, my journey of design has led me to live in a variety of interesting places.  

It’s been an interesting journey. I learned how to snowboard in snowy Massachusetts, surfed at Trestles in San Clemente, California and even painted murals at the graffiti park in Austin. I’m passionately curious, and take pride in learning and problem solving. I really love learning new skills, whether if it’s a new CAD program or how to properly sauté a fish fillet. I do wish to continue growing as a designer and as a person.

Outside design, I love exploring. I love traveling to different cities and countries. I love great food, trying out interesting cocktails and IPAs. In my free time, I like to seek out yoga sessions and art shows around town. I enjoy going to life drawing, painting with oils/acrylics, and sketching. I also really enjoy cars and vintage furniture.

If you would like to talk design or grab a beer, feel free to contact me!