I'm Sachin Mistry. I'm an industrial designer, an artist, a decent cook
and an explorer. What drives me as a designer and as a person is my curiosity. I enjoy exploring new areas and trying out new things. 
I was born and raised outside of Cleveland, OH and studied industrial design at The Cleveland Institute of Art. 

After graduating, I went on to live in various parts of the country.
I got my first job with Fitch/SABIC Innovative Plastics in Massachusetts and then moved to Southern California working for the startup consultancy, Soulcake Creative. Right now, I'm living in Austin, Texas, and worked for Axis Design.

From my experiences working at various firms, I've worked on sporting goods, appliances, consumer electronics and accessories. After working at a variety of places, I try to be versatile and accommodating when it comes to my approach to design. Lately, in my free time, I like to do on-site sketching, painting, cooking, yoga and riding my bike. Whenever I can, I enjoy traveling, skiing and snowboarding.