At Soulcake, we were asked to design a lamp for the new office. For my lamp, I took a look at myself and what I enjoyed. I really enjoy cars and science fiction. I then asked myself, “is there a way I could combine those two directions?”  I remembered that the designers at Star Wars glued toys and various other things to form props. After some spray paint, the re-purposed object looked like a part of a spaceship or costume.       
    Knowing that I wanted to repurpose car parts to form a sculpture, I visited a junkyard. While I was there, I saw there were many possibilities, considering the myriad of car parts available.       
    Before I spent any money on parts, I decided to take many photos and come up with a solid strategy on what I'm going to do. I took photos of these parts next to a bottle, so I would be able to scale them correctly for my initial design sketch.      
    The initial direction was to cobble together whole lamp assemblies and have colored light show through the sculpture.      
lamp webpage collect 5 .jpg
    After the first trip to the junkyard and some discussion, I had a better idea on what I'm going to do. I made another trip to the junkyard to obtain parts and photographed each purchase for the next design sketch.       
    The initial idea was to make a "chandelier" style lamp with painted tail light lenses. I wanted to paint everything one color so it would resemble a sci fi prop.      
    Seeing how I was using transparent taillight lenses, I decided to mask off patterns for the light to show through. I wanted to also show interesting details in the parts, such as emblems and chrome trim. A black paint scheme gives the lamp a more sinister look.      
    I was curious to see how much light would show through the tail light lenses, so I did a mock assembly of the lamp and tested it at the office. A lot of light passed through the lenses, so my design direction is good to go!      
    I spent a good amount of time masking off the patterns. After everything was masked, I realized that black paint would hide the really cool designs. I bought some white paint and used my garage as a painting station.      
    After spending some time suspending the lenses from the hubcap, the finished product was ready to be hung. I'm very satisfied with how everything turned out and it was quite a fun learning experience making this lamp!      
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