A little while ago, my boss was finishing up a text in the bathroom and saw that there wasn't any place to put his phone after he was finished using it. We did a quick search to see if there are any bathroom solutions to this problem and we hadn't found any solution that solves this problem elegantly. Finding a place to rest your phone is a serious problem. According to a Plaxo survey, "19 percent of people, at some point have dropped their phone in the toilet."   This prompted us at Axis design to come up with a more unique solution towards setting your phone when its not in use.     
  Through ideation we explored a wide variety of ideas for toilet tissue holders that have space to rest your phone when its not in use. We chose 4 unique directions for refinement. The first idea is more contemporary in which the toilet tissue holder is incorporated into the endcap. The second direction is a little sleeker with a "C" shape profile. The third direction is the most modern looking with a slanted profile. The last direction is more of a traditional offering.     
    The chosen directions were refined in CAD. I modeled the first two directions in Solidworks, while my boss modeled the other two directions in Creo. Consideration was taken into producing the right proportion to accommodate a variety of phone sizes as well as manufacturability.     
  We utilized our prototyping facilities to CNC mill functional models of our designs. The architectural, squarish design and the C shaped design feature a brushed silver finish. The more contemporary direction features a polished finish with a bamboo ledge. The last design is a more traditional offering with a rubbed bronze finish.   Currently, we are looking for a viable manufacturer who can make a limited run production for one design. If we can generate enough interest, we hope to get all the designs into mass manufacture.     
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