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  Keith Hensley lives in Austin, Texas and runs and architectural studio. He divides his time between the office and his home studio. He loves mid-century modern design and has a Labrador named Mitch.   Keith values design, and is looking for a vacuum thats powerful enough to handle his carpeted downtown apartment with a larger dog.
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Initial Ideation
Initial direction
hoover webpage7.jpg
 The design direction in 2015 was a fresh update taking elements from the classic Hoover Convertible line.  The overall shape is inspired by the profile of a central stalk supporting an inflated vacuum bag.  The design incorporates classic elements such as patterned cloth,  combined with more modern elements like the sleek LED headlight.
  Currently, I’ve laid out the initial shape in Solidworks.   I’m in the process of redesigning the vacuum for 2020. There will be continued updates and sketching. Stay tuned!
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