The Geekie Awards is a new award show created "by geeks for geeks."  It honors the independent creators who contribute towards geek culture.   The Geekie Awards aim towards creating an unforgettable night  tailored towards what geeks love: entertainment, gaming, products and art.
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 Taking input from the Geekie Awards Art Director, I created a refined sketch for what the trophy will look like with the right proportions for  a 1:1 scale model. The design is reminiscent of the classic ray gun toys from the 50's.  The raygun trophy is comprised of a casted resin material with embedded magnets that secure the trophy onto the base.  The winner can have the choice of displaying the trophy on its base, or removing it and using the raygun as a toy.
 The Art Director suggested that there should be more detail. The trigger design had been revised,  as well as including more sculpted ridges and scooped out sections towards the front of the gun.
 The manufacturers for the trophy said that proposed design for the trophy would use too much material and make each unit too expensive.  I explored some ideas on how we could eliminate more material.  The first idea was to create a big hole in the middle of the main body. The second idea was to create a series of holes to eliminate material.  The last idea was to completely eliminate material from the sides and back of the trophy, creating a sweeping, floating shape.
 The final design sketch features additional detailing as well including scooped out sections to reduce material.  The original idea has been modified to include a central wall for structural integrity and space for branding.
 The final CAD model was built by David Morelock. The final design has a slimmer profile,  yet retains the fun and quirkiness that a raygun trophy should have.  The trophy is mounted onto a metal base with a printed label covering the top surface.
  The first Geekie Awards was held on August 18th, 2013 in Hollywood, CA and was a complete success.  Everyone really appreciated the playful design for the raygun trophy.
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