ZL encore_crown.jpg
ZL encore sole2.jpg
 The first driver I helped worked on with Cobra-Puma Golf was the ZL-Encore driver. It was the most high tech driver, featuring titanium and carbon fiber construction with a customizable weight. One of the key aesthetic features is the bridge between the weighted area and sole.
Cobra AMP driver2.jpg
 In 2010, Puma acquired Cobra Golf, becoming Cobra-Puma Golf. With this new change, Cobra was seeking to become a more youthful and colorful brand. The AMP lineup reflects this change with its bold colors and graphic break ups. The Cobra-Puma AMP driver and irons made the 2012 Hot List for Golf Digest
Fly Z Plus_main edit.jpg
Fly Z plus_toe edi.jpg
 The Fly Z + is Cobra-Puma Golfs innovative driver that features an adjustable weight that can be placed either front or back to create two different flight paths. The challenge was designing a driver with a weight that looks appropriate in either setting. This new design was very well received by winning the Golf Digest Award for 2015.
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