A sketch for my friend Michael grey


This past weekend was my friend Michael Grey's birthday. He's someone who's really contributed a lot to the art community in Austin with his Cherry Cola Dog events. In the past, he had an old hangar that was turned into an artist space. He used to throw parties with live painting and performance. I painted at a few of these events. It was something that was really exciting and took me out of my comfort zone. I met a lot of great, talented people at these events.

A little later on, he had Tuesday life drawing sessions at his space. Compared to other life drawing sessions, it was a lot more laid back. There was a great soundtrack, you can have a cold beer and be around great company. There were a lot of really talented artists who attended. It motivated me to push myself.

Michael sold the hangar and got a country property out in Smithville, which is 45 minutes outside of Austin. His space was great for campout parties at the end of the month. I volunteered to help out with a lot of these parties and continued to make more friends. The country setting was like a mini vacation away from the bustling routine of Austin.

Michael Grey made Austin a lot more fun and brought a great community together. For his 40th birthday, I sketched out a modified Cherry Cola Dog RV. It would be the ultimate vehicle for burning man events, which is something that he's really passionate about.



After winning last weeks Sketchwars, I was allowed to choose the topic for this week. For this week, I wanted to re-live a fun project from Soulcake times with rayguns. It was a great excuse to be fun and loose. With rayguns, you can explore form, color and materials.

Lately, I haven't been hand sketching as much. I thought this project would be a good way to practice form exploration and to feel comfortable sketching with pen. It was a lot of fun to create nice pen drawings and to color with the computer. As a designer, I feel that I should still feel comfortable sketching with traditional media. I should be less afraid to be loose.

An aggressive John Deere riding lawnmower for Sketchwars

Sketchwars John Deere.jpg

Its been a little while since I've posted for Sketchwars. This weeks topic is lawnmowers. The first thing that came to mind is a John Deere riding lawnmower. The green and yellow color scheme is very iconic. As I was sketching the lawnmower, I was fiddling around with the proportions and decided to make it more aggressive. I incorporated some influences from ATVs and modern SUV styling. The result is a more modern interpretation of the John Deere riding lawnmower. I had to throw in the classic Photoshop grass brush as well :P

A TIE Fighter pilot


Growing up, my favorite computer game was “TIE Fighter”. I’ve been thinking about doing a TIE Fighter sketch for some time now. This weekend, I finally got around to doing it.

This was sketched using Procreate on an iPad Pro. It was an interesting exercise rendering a black object using blue and red lighting. The result is an intimidating Imperial pilot.