Continued progress on my Cartier watch design


There has been some free time with the job search. I've been utilizing that time to better my CAD skills. Some time ago, I sketched a Cartier watch for Sketchwars. I've been practicing Solidworks by modeling this design. I would say that its progressing pretty well. The watch face and movement should be an interesting challenge!



After winning last weeks Sketchwars, I was allowed to choose the topic for this week. For this week, I wanted to re-live a fun project from Soulcake times with rayguns. It was a great excuse to be fun and loose. With rayguns, you can explore form, color and materials.

Lately, I haven't been hand sketching as much. I thought this project would be a good way to practice form exploration and to feel comfortable sketching with pen. It was a lot of fun to create nice pen drawings and to color with the computer. As a designer, I feel that I should still feel comfortable sketching with traditional media. I should be less afraid to be loose.