A TIE Fighter pilot


Growing up, my favorite computer game was “TIE Fighter”. I’ve been thinking about doing a TIE Fighter sketch for some time now. This weekend, I finally got around to doing it.

This was sketched using Procreate on an iPad Pro. It was an interesting exercise rendering a black object using blue and red lighting. The result is an intimidating Imperial pilot.

In honor of my cousin, Rakesh Engineer


Around a month ago, my cousin passed away in his sleep. It came as a surprise to all of us in our family. He was 49, athletic and a very healthy man. Not only that, he was a great cousin, brother, husband and father. His death was very shocking and really hit me.

In honor of Rakesh, I created a sketch that captured his smile and optimism in his eyes. This sketch was then framed and sent to his wife. I really hope the best for his family. Rakesh will always be in our hearts.