Learning Solidworks and updating my portfolio

Hoover 2 04232019.jpg
Hoover 04232019.jpg
Hoover 04232019 copy.jpg

Right now I’m in the process of revamping my portfolio. I took out some projects and even added a few. I’m currently in the process of revisiting a personal project that I’ve worked on while at Soulcake. It was a rebranding exercise, and I chose to rebrand Hoover.

This project ended with a polished sketch, but I wasn’t confident in my CAD skills in 2014. I’ve learned much since then and have been using this project as a way to learn Solidworks. It has been an interesting challenge going from Creo to Solidworks. A lot of the fundamentals are the same, but the interfaces are different.

I had a critique about this project recently and I’m in the process of a redesigning this vacuum cleaner. I did some additional research and have a better idea of how this vacuum cleaner will fit into the marketplace and the audience for this design. The next step will be to do some ideation and update this design for 2019.

My last painting at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, in honor of Anthony Bourdain


Last summer, I was very saddened to hear about Anthony Bourdain’s death. I really looked up to him. I loved his sarcastic sense of humor, his lifestyle as an explorer and willingness to try new things. Through his books and shows on TV, I learned more about food and how different people around the world lived and enjoyed life. He seemed to live a dream life. Lots of money, travel and a new family. Unfortunately, he suffered from depression and took his own life.

In honor of someone who I would consider to be a hero, I painted a mural at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. This took around 6-7 hours on a hot summer day. It was so much fun being able to paint on such a large scale. Not only do I miss Anthony Bourdain, but I also miss the graffiti park. I missed being able to paint large paintings and I miss the people at the graffiti park. The environment was like a zoo. There were artists, tourists, bridal showers, teenagers and many different types of visitors. People visiting from other parts of Texas, as well people visiting from other parts of the world. As someone who is a bit shy, this place helped me get out of my comfort zone. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to paint here.

A golf driver for Sketchwars


My former coworker mentioned to me that this weeks topic for Sketchwars will be golf club drivers. We both worked together at the design consultancy, Soulcake many years ago. At the time, Cobra-Puma Golf was a major client of ours. I spent many long nights sketching drivers and irons. It was challenging, but a lot of fun. We were allowed to go crazy. With a golf club driver, we could explore the possibilities of form, color materials and graphics. There was a lot of freedom with the designs.

This particular design, is based off of Cobra-Puma Golf’s F8 driver with a side and rear mounted weight location. I was initially inspired by the B2 bomber, and also incorporated elements from newer Lamborghinis. The overall design is sporty and aggressive.

An 80s Toyota Previa pickup sketch

Previa truck.jpg

Some time ago, designer Michael DiTullo posted a picture of a hacked Toyota van with a pickup bed. I thought it was really cool, and decided to do a sketch of what this would look like if it was fixed up. I imagined a JDM spec’ed front end with period era 4 spoke wheels. A diamond plate pickup bed would be a durable than the plywood box in the photo. I really enjoyed working on this sketch and I may sketch more modified cars in the near future.